Will Cristiano Ronaldo play UCL FINAL 2018?


UEFA Champions League 2018 final and Cristiano Ronaldo playing in it against the new sensation of football Mohammed Salah is going to be one epic match. It will be held on 26th of May 2018 and whole football world is waiting for it. It is one of the biggest matches before the FIFA world cup begins this year in Russia.

He got injured while playing El Clasico against rival club of Spanish league FC Barcelona. It was a match where there were more Yellow cards then the goals scored. The game started with an early goal from Suarez and things went out of control after that. Players from both teams were making fouls in intention to get the better of each other.

Cristiano scored the first goal for Real Madrid and at the same time he got a knee injury but he never stopped playing. He made great runs after that too and Barcelona escaped closely from some close shots of Ronaldo.

His injury grew and he was soon substituted and he left the pitch and never came back. It was a worrying sign for all the Real Madrid fans as the final is ahead and this injury can be hurting. So, there were surely some speculations that Ronaldo might not be able to participate in the biggest match in the champions League 2018.

It was an emotional day for Cristiano as the days El Clasico was going on, former Coach of Ronaldo Sir Alex Ferguson was hospitalized and hence Ronaldo did not celebrate his goal in the match. When later asked, he admitted the fact by saying that how can he celebrate a goal when the person who taught him football was in Hospital.

In a recent Press conference the Manager and Coach of Real Madrid revealed that Ronaldo is already walking and it is a great sign for Real Madrid Football club and its fans. He added that Ronaldo is so determined that he will surely play the Final match.

So, news is that Ronaldo is fit and he is willing to play the match and he will surely play.

On the other hand, Cristiano will miss all the remaining matches Real Madrid will play in Spanish League. Some of the other players Isco and Dani Carvajal were also injured but Zidane is hopeful that all these players will be fit for the final match.

Zidane also said that we know that Liverpool is playing really good and we know their strengths too. It is a game of execution of plans both teams make. The team who will follow their planning in a better way will end up winning the game.

So, the latest from Real Madrid club is that Ronaldo will be fit for the final of UEFA 2018. Let’s see what he shows us on that particular day.


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