Why Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer is So Important?


Kendrick Lamar is known to be a popular rapper who started music in the year 2003 and since then making waves in the American music field. Recently, he has been awarded the famous Pulitzer award which is given to artists for acknowledgement of their work.Hip-hop, also known as rap music, has been a trend for years which is still being loved by people of all age especially youngsters. However, the kind of the recognition that this music genre and its singers demand had not been received until the recent and pleasantly shocking development in it.

This award was basically started off as an appreciated thread to the journalism field but slowly and gradually it gained popularity in the fields of music and art as well. The fact that Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer is a shocking revelation to the whole nation is mainly because the last Pulitzer given to any musician was back in 1943.

Kendrick Lamar has been making some great music for the music lovers who prefer original composition over the fake and remake ones. This is also why he is known for producing music that is unique and special in terms of composition and concept etc. After his first music album Section 8.0 release in 2011, the singer gained the popularity that was on an average level but then there was no looking back. Year after another, the singer kept making his own music and releasing it which became a source of his immense popularity.

However, in spite of winning numerous Grammy awards, the singer had not gotten any official recognition and the Pulitzer prize awarded to him for his 2017 release Damn made not only his but also the entire hip-hop community’s dream come true.

The fact cannot be denied that hip-hop industry produces some great and captivating music which attracts the listeners towards it and also make then dance on it. Rap is not just there in the music but a lot of the people have started using it as an appealing way of delivering their point through speeches and motivational videos. The more we dig into its realization the better it gets. That said, there was a time when hip-hop was not even considered to be a part of the music until Michael Jackson started promoting it through his songs.

Still, the music genre failed to be acknowledged by America’s official awards like Pulitzer. When Kendrick Lamar won the award, the entire music industry was in shock because it happened all of a sudden for a singer who was once being considered as an unworthy rap start and has got the country’s one of the most prestigious awards. This is the reason why the news is making big in the music industry as well the newspapers and the social media platforms because Kendrick Lamar has proved the point that hip-hop is no less than other music categories, despite all the negativity around him.

Kendrick Lamar’s popularity has transformed from this released music albums to the Pulitzer that he has recently won for his album Damn. This, however, is not only good for the singer’s official growth in the field but also beneficial for future rap stars who are trying to make it in the musical grounds.



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