Why Apple iPhone X has not been the biggest success


Apple iPhone X had made an announcement before the release if its supposedly iconic phone that they claimed would also be the phone of the future. While the loyal iPhone customers were eagerly waiting for it to be released. The others were also anxious as to what it will hold in terms of advancement, technology, and comfort. After the release of iPhone X, a big disappointment was observed not only by the non-Apple users but also the iPhone fans because the phone did not clearly meet up with everybody’s expectations.

In fact, it was claimed to be one of the Apple’s biggest blunder to launch something like iPhone X on its birthday. This is due to the fact that the features that iPhone X has, which were said to be exceptional and life-changing, were either too predictable or irritating for an easy access. The main point in which Apple clearly stated that iPhone X will change the history of mobile phones especially by the Face ID features which is also a fail when it comes to supporting.


Was iPhone X a market-fail product too?

As mentioned above, the loyal iPhone users never fail to disappoint the market success of each and every Apple’s release. No matter what, people who love iPhone and feel comfortable in using it will always look forward to its next phone’s release regardless of the price and features. This is because iPhone has become a symbol of class and elegance and people who use it consider themselves as different from the Android or Samsung users, in particular. Despite the high prices and not-so-impressive features, the iPhone X has maintained its market value just like before and also got the appreciation for features like the Face ID.

What led to iPhone X’s defeat?

The iPhone X has some features which according to Apple are according to the latest technology and never been introduced before. As much as would like to deny this fact, it is true. However, there are some drawbacks in the phone’s operation which also cannot be neglected as they are the only cause of its defeat.

iPhone X: Reviews

The iPhone X has gotten mixed reviews from its users and non-users all of which are justified in its own place. The regular iPhone users believe it to be a great phone with some extraordinary features while the other party is considering it to be just another blunder by Apple as the price offered does not justify the ‘latest’ specifications.

If we said that the iPhone X is not the biggest success as it was expected to be then this statement would be true considering the number of negative reviews that it’s getting worldwide.


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