Trump giving the lessons on how to filibuster to senators


Any political procedure that is either opposed or favored by the majority of the senators has to be resolved to be able to proceed with the other pending matters. The latest issue in the light of the Trump’s views and statements is the filibuster that the president earlier opposed and asked his senators to do the same. A couple of days ago, Trump addressed his senators in a room-full and spoke for continuously 1 hour for giving lessons on how to avoid or curtail the filibuster trend in the political industry.

While the senators wished to ask questions and participate in the debate along with the president, Trump spoke interrupted on different topics mainly withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and general elections. The political personalities who were there have been said to not given a chance to speak due to the president following the filibuster rule.

What is Filibuster?

The filibuster is basically a term used in the political world which explains the phenomenon of delaying the important decision that acts as the turning point of the debate. This is done in order to delay the final decision by speaking non-stop about other issues which are either unnecessary or can be discussed later as well. This tactic to divert the attention from the main issue to the non-essential topics is legal in the assembly and other political houses that are also used by some of the renowned politicians for getting away with a decision that disturbs their political action of work.

Is Trump really in favor of or against the filibuster?

Back in 2017, the president Trump was reported to being against the filibuster trend for which he took the support of Twitter by posting some controversial tweets in which he clearly stated that the filibuster trend should be banned and finished because of which a lot of the important decisions are pending that is doing no good to the country. A lot of the senators then opposed this stance of the president and expressed their rage for the same. However, in last 2-3 days when the president Trump addressed a room full of the senators about different issues such as the Iran nuclear deal and the White House aides, it supported the idea of the filibuster trend due to which none of the people present in the room were given a chance to speak up despite raising their hands saying that “There was no time”.

What do the other political figures have to say about it?

Trump’s internal critics are shying away from the direct confrontation with him because of the filibuster lessons that he gave to the senators. While Trump spoke about the worthy political issues and its progress, the senators are still confused as to what had happened back there. The president’s talks about the Iran nuclear deal, re-engaging with North Korea, and ridiculing the former president Obama for the climate change, has urged the other politicians to speak against his stance that was unnecessary.

While the opposition is discouraging this act of the president, the Republicans are still supporting Trump by saying that those discussions were worthy of that time and that it was necessary for the president to discuss them for making a better decision regarding the same.


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