Top 5 Players of Golden State Warriors


Golden state warriors is one of the best teams in the NBA. They have the history as rich as the players that have played for the team. Almost all the finest and best players of the NBA have played for the Golden state warriors. In the beginning, the team was in Philadelphia where is played for 16 seasons and after that, it moved to San Francisco.

One of the greatest players of the team is Chamberlin who scored a 100 points in a single game which is the biggest achievement of the team. They have won several championships all thanks to the amazing team and their hard work. However, there are some players in the team who have made history with their amazing performance and hard work. Here we have the list of top 5 Golden state warriors that you should know about.

Durant is the most skilled and highly talents player of Golden state warriors after Chamberlain. He had the talent of defending, scoring and offered a great length to the team. He had the ability to play in different positions and that is how warriors were able to win several titles. However, his last days in the team were not as great as some of the other players. The reason is that he was not the part of the core team who got the golden opportunity to play under the guidance of head coach Steve Kerr.

Thompson is famous as the Ray Allen for the warrior team because of the championships that he had won. You will be surprised to know that he is better than the credit he has been given for. The Golden State roster has so much talent that it is hard to compete with him. However, all the hatred was not able to detract him from all the sharpshooting capabilities that he had. Most of the people say that he is almost equal to Curry.

He is famous as Nate the Great. He was the favourite player all the fans as well as the seven-time holder of the All-Star.

He is the pioneers of the modern basketball of NBA. Paul has spent almost 12 years with the company. In the history of NBA, he is known as one of the 50 greatest players. While he was in Philadelphia he helped the franchise win the title of 1956. He is famous as the two-time scoring champion.

He has won All-Star five times and he has been fan favourite when he played for Golden state warriors. He was often compared to Larry Bird and was the part of the Dream Team of Golden state warriors in 1992. Become of Mullin warriors were brought to prominence. The only issue is that he never got over the championship hump. In the retired organization he has the number 17.



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