Top 5 English premier league players



English premier league is one of the toughest fought football league in the world. It is a competition where top football clubs from all over England play against each other every year to give fans around the world chance to witness some amazing football. It has a great history. Some great players have played it and they have achieved a lot of things playing EPL.

After its inception took place in year of 1992, 49 clubs took part in it to win the title. There are only six clubs in the history of English premier league to win the title.

Details of those clubs are given below.


Some of the great players took part in the EPL in the recent years and here is the list of those players with some useful information about them,


Well, many people will argue that whether Ronaldo should be even in this list too let alone the top position. But if we take a look at the time Ronaldo had in EPL with Manchester United, you will realize that he deserved to be in the top. He now plays for Spanish club Real Madrid in La Liga but when he was in EPL with Manchester united he was the king of EPL. He won the title for united for three consecutive years from 2006 to 2009. He left EPL and Manchester when he was only 24.

Thierry Henry played EPL in some of the best time of his career. He was with Arsenal and he literally played like a champion for them. He helped Arsenal win two EPL titles and he himself won 4 golden boots in that duration with Arsenal. He only played for seven seasons for Arsenal in EPL and yet he is In the 5th position of most number of goals in EPL.

All the praises come to stop when talking about Ryan Giggs. He was amazing. He had a long run which many players can only dream off. He was with Manchester united for many years and he won a total of 13 medals which was a proof of his resilient body and phenomenal skills.


Chelsea Fans will never ever forget this amazing midfielder. He scored many goals and he was the part of the dream Chelsea team. He won three EPL titles with Chelsea and one UCL title in 2017. He scored a total of 177 goals in EPL. He was truly amazing with his passing and finishing skills.

Manchester city football club and its fans can’t ever thank David Silva enough for his services to the team. He was the man behind the two titles Manchester city won in EPL. He controlled whole attack and was ever so consistent. He was a star in EPL for sure.


So, these are some of the top 5 players in the history of EPL. Actually there are many more but we picked these as top 5. What is your choice for the top 5?





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