To head off the danger of custom union Theresa May has to stop the Brexit


Theresa May has been making quite a buzz in the news for facing divide over the Brexit. Let’s see how the events took place. This started when she came into the power as Prime Minister during 2016, July. After the elections of last April she has been prominently in news.

First of all to understand this news, you have to have an awareness of “Brexit” and how you think about it. Brexit can be categorized as set of psychological thriller box which houses the most deteriorated and worst type of characters humanity has ever seen. It seems as if each of these characters is competing in a race of supremacy. If you know this much about the “Brexit”, then stay tuned with us because we are going to bring you some real climax news.

After the elections of April, Theresa May was quite hopeful for witnessing the unity amongst the country and her party. But now when there is not sufficient time to bridge this gap, Theresa May’s hope seems disappearing. Since, if we consider the time frame almost 2 years have been passed after the Brexit referendum and merely 9 months are left in Britain exiting from the European Union. Provided this insufficient time to bridge the gaps and overcome the differences, the splits are appearing wider than ever before.

According to journalists and political opinion makers, Theresa May’s foreign secretary voiced her opinion over the issue. Her statement called the customs partnership with the European Union as “crazy” and she doubted it might deteriorate the referendum real spirit.

Brexiteers are aiming to strengthen the May’s resolve for sticking to the red margins she demarcated. She disclosed her red lines while delivering her very 1st speech as a leader. She maintained her threatening stance disclosing clearly that Britain will simply walk out without any deal if the European Union remains obstructive.

Let’s have a look on the prominent features of this hot political issue. Basically, European Union has banished the both options of custom as invalid and unworkable. Both are dependent upon the technology which has not been tried and the computer systems which are not tested yet. If there will be a system to facilitate it to maximum level, it would simply give rise to “smuggling”. And eventually this is a clear violation of rules set by World Trade Organization.

To address the issues in Northern Ireland, it needs some other solution. Since, the both options provide no solution for the problem of hard border. It requires to align the market with close alignments.

With all this happening, experts are saying that this could be challenging for Mrs. May’s leadership. Particularly, in a situation where the Brexiteer like Mr. Johnson and Mr. Davis are on the verge of submitting their resignation. But provided this, only the insufficient time frame is the real tough deal for Theresa May.



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