Theresa May ran away from Brexit Custom Union Vote


After the separation of the Britain and EU, it seems like the thing is not going that well as they seemed to be. The formation of Brexit has only increased the issues for both the nations. The government is trying to control the situation by assuring that they will make Brexit successful, however, it seems like some of the individuals are not ready to play an important role in the success of Brexit. With the voting problems, the things are getting tougher for the government.

In the beginning, most of the people including the government and public were against Brexit. However, now it seems like Brexit has a special place in the heart of everyone because they have understood the benefits that will come from the system. It has been found that Brexit will help the country succeed in its mission and that is why now the authorities want to assure that it will be implemented successfully. In order to make it possible a special voting system has been introduced in the system because that is the only way authorities will get a chance to know that who is serious about its success.

After the formation of Brexit, there has been voting system introduced in the Custom Union. However, it has been found that most of the authorities were not taking it seriously. Most of the rulers have not been able to give the vote when the time came. The public thinks that they are only showing off their interest in Brexit whereas, in reality, they are not interested in the success of the system. People have been calling it the leadership by running away.

You might be thinking that there had been some serious issue because of which the leaders were not able to give the vote. However, their lame excuses proved that there is something else going on between the ruling parties due to which they did not give the vote.

It means that even after all this hard work and success the ruling parties are still thinking about their own benefit. This action of Theresa May and other leaders have proved that they give more importance to their own rivalry than to the benefit of the public and success of Brexit. However, there are some leaders that have taken this situation seriously and they have declared that they are going to make Brexit successful. The public is with the leaders that are planning to make things work and they are not going to believe in most of their leaders again.


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