The worst threat to America’s democracy is not only Donald Trump


Its not true as it might appear, but the outspoken Donald Trump is not the alone threat for American democracy. As many out there are suggesting to remove the Mr. President from his office as soon as possible to save the America standing on the verge of a big blow, but unfortunately this is not the only solution.

Trump’s obstinacy and his parties obedience to his established ways of political behavior is becoming a reason to worry for those responsible to run the country’s government. According to studying the opinions from political experts and observing the changing America politics’ trends we can clearly see writing in the wall. Several political influential forces and social forces are converging to a devastating extent. And this has been happening gradually, for the last three decades in America.

The devastating effects of this convergence can sum up to a long list. First of all this has given rise to the culture of “tribalism”. Tribalism further promotes the devastating trend of “political polarization” which is getting deeper and stronger day by day due to the unity of some political and social forces.

Other worst effects include “congressional deadlock”. This deadlock in American congress has paved the ways for decomposition of “legislative civility”.  In recent times, you cannot discount the power of electronic media particularly the “social media”. The talks being Trans missioned through cable TV, radio and social media platforms are creating the “echo chambers”. Things like suppressing voters and “moneyed interests” taking over the entire political system is further creating the anarchy and confusion among the American nationals.

Once, American political system was known for its big political parties who used to function like “big tents” for smoothly running the government. Now these big pawns (parties) of American political system have become much more homogeneous.

A short while ago the composition of Democratic Party was quite different. It consisted of a significant portion of conservatives and a noticeable majority of Republicans who call themselves as “moderate liberals”. This blend of two schools of thoughts in Democratic Party was a perfect way to provide both parties with a common ground.

But unfortunately, over the time these both representations of Democratic Party transformed into more focused on the basis of ideology. This made the room shrink for the compromises and common ground between the two. This affected the nationals and common public of America. We saw a large number of people started feeling being left out and excluded from the main stream system. This is where the concerns became serious for the American democracy.

While, we are focusing our attention and concern over the frustration and disturbance caused by the outspoken Mr. President, we must not neglect the various other long term problems. These long term issues are actually demanding our attention. We must look for ways to ignore our differences and find a common ground for mutually shared values and interests. Political compromises have to be made for the larger interest of America and its people today. This way demands a lot of hardships and continuous struggle.


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