The political status quo of Lebanon is about to change


A parliamentary election was held in Lebanon, after nine years of the previous election, but the results did not change the political status quo of the country. The results showed that the same political elites won the majority of seats, dominating the parliament.

The people of Lebanon did not show up for the elections due to which the turnout was lower than the previous elections. This clearly shows that there is a doubt about the political process among the people of the Lebanon. The previous elections were meant to take place in 2013 but the then parliament changed their mandate illegally due to which the elections were postponed under the excuse of lack of security. These were the reasons which devastated the faith of people in elections and they did not come to vote for the present elections.

The elections were more or less the same like in previous years. The independent candidates did not get the votes because the people had a lack of faith in the election system. And the new candidates suffered due to this reason. So the already established personalities paved their way through the elections.

Only one independent candidate won the seat. The participation of independent candidate shows that the Lebanon can make an alternative political party which would allow voters to trust the political system. And it would have the positive image of the political system and the voters would cast their votes on the basis of subject matters rather than personalities.

In Lebanon, the electoral process is still dominated by the established political elites and they continue to dominate the elections. Moreover, the electoral law also works in favor of those dominant personalities. Therefore, it disregards the outcomes of the elections and the low turnover showed that it was a failure. The independent candidates did not have the resources to buy votes or to implement the tactics which the established personalities have used. So they had already a lower chance of winning the elections.

In these elections, the parties like the Future Movement and the Free Patriotic Movement, emerged but lost against Hezbollah. It shows that the corrupt status quo always wins.

Moreover, another turn around in these elections was the Hariri’s support of Gibran Bassil, who was the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement. It further empowered Hezbollah against its allies. Furthermore, the seats that were once occupied by the Sunnis were now occupied by the Hezbollah allies, which was another painful loss for Hariri.

The current election in the Lebanon shows that the only winner is still the most corrupt and already established leaders. Hezbollah is currently the most powerful political party in the region. However, there is a little hope in the form of the win of one independent candidate who managed somehow to come across the status quo. The only credible and challenging party was the Lebanese Forces, who do not trust their ally Hariri after his support of the Gibran Bassil. And so they are confined in their own shells.



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