The mother of 13 on £30,000 a year benefits branded a scrounger by her own daughter


A mother of 13 who gets £30,000 a year in benefits has been branded a “scrounger” by her own daughter. Joanne Sheppard, 43, lives in a five bedroom property worth £260,000 in Bristol with her partner Gary Bateman, 53. It is understood that the £1,200 a month rental costs are being met by the British taxpayer.

However, her own daughter Chelsea, 23, has now slammed her lifestyle, saying that Ms Sheppard continues to have children because she gets handouts. Mother of two Chelsea said that she and her mother no longer got on because while she has everything given to her, Chelsea runs her own business along with her fiancé.

Chelsea said that she did not feel that her mother was a good influence on her grandchildren, saying: “She’s not the kind of person I would ever like my kids to be near.”  She added: “I think she’s disgusting. They’re scroungers. She gets everything handed to her. It is not right.”


Ms Sheppard and her partner get some £30,000 in benefits annually, including rental costs. Mr Bateman has not worked for 17 years and claims money as a result of a back injury, which Ms Sheppard is paid for caring for him. Then, there are child benefits payments and family tax credits.

Ms Sheppard has refused to make any comment on what her daughter has said. However, having had her first child at the age of 17, she has previously stated that she felt victimised for having lots of kids. She said then that she did not care what anyone thought of her.

Her daughter’s comments come following reports about people on benefits showing off the results of their Christmas spending sprees on social media. One teen boasted about spending £2,500 on Christmas gifts alone, saying that he had also been drinking Champagne and was heading to Tenerife on holiday.



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