The most advanced jet in the world will be used in combat


There exists a number of incredible fighter jets in the world, which are manufactured or produced by world’s most powerful countries. But still world is curious to know about the one who could be considered as most powerful jet and the fastest one. Countries with most advanced technologies has tried to make most speedy and powerful jets. Jet fighters of 5th generation are considered to be the most powerful and advanced jets. They have advance technology, great performance, and embedded computer systems in the form of networks connected with other elements present in the battlespace for better awareness of situation.

US has made an incredible jet named as F-35 stealth fighter jet, which showed its first-ever action in the fight for air force of Israel. Chief of air staff unrevealed the pictures of F-35 and said that already, two fronts has been attacked by it two times. Israeli recently used it in the combat operation against Syria.

F-35 is being considered the most precious one jets according to military aspects. F-35 is going to give back the air superiority to the Israel in Middle East. As before, Egypt’s fighter jet Rafael was more powerful than Israeli’s fighter jets. So, it seems to be like that Israeli force was desperately waiting for a miracle to happen. Because Israel is the first most country that is carrying the jet F-35 in airstrikes. For sure, Britain and other militaries are going to use this fighter jet very soon.

Israeli Chief of air staff, Major General Amikam Norkin briefed the 20 air force officers of other countries on Tuesday. He claimed that, “we have done with the first ever operational strike in the world with F-35. We are the first ones to use F-35 to attack in Middle East two times.” Israel is going to bought 50 more F-35 jets in the next few years, probably till 2022 as a piece of agreement of military aid in between Israel and US. Each jet is having a cost of $100 million approximately.



F-35 is having speed limit of 1,931 Kilometer per hour or approximately 1200 mph.

It is having two missiles air to air, one cannon of 25mm and two guided bombs of 2,000 lb.

Its price is almost $100 million or £74 million of each.


Israel gave a good response about F-35. But it is not yet cleared that either Israel is the first user of it or it has been used by its own military first.

Despite of its all specifications and uses, it is bearing criticism too, specially on its price.



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