The best senior prank that shocked the cops


4 students of Cumberland High School prepared certain to make their graduation week immortal by coming up with an optical trickery to make it look like a car had crashed into school building.

Best Prank Ever

Cumberland is about 90 miles from Minneapolis. Where, a major joke happened to be so true at a Wisconsin High School that a worried local reported it to the local police station. When a person was driving across the parking of school around 3 a.m. he reached the police telling about an accident. The cops came later clapped on the prank. Fellows of the senior center through the street also believed someone had crashed a car into the wall. The 4 seniors reached the school around late midnight and the whole thing just took about ten minutes to set up.

They disappeared from the school before they can be noticed. This great illusion was created using a duct tape, some bricks, a black tarp and the back half of an old car. It was an advanced level prank. Seniors placed an old car with loose bricks thrown over in front of a black surface which seemed like a black gap in the building, outside the school principal’s office. A truly great prank is the one that makes everyone laugh. The seniors at Cumberland High School made this one of the best pranks for being authentic, humorous and affecting no damage. The school district also praised the students on their genius work. The prank went viral on internet and everyone seems to praise the efforts of the four seniors.

School staff

School social media page posted on their wall, “You made everyone a little worried this morning! When school staff and students reached the school they were surprised to see that a car had crashed into the school building. Later, they found out that it was nothing serious but just a senior prank.”

Police praised the prank

The local police station said, “Hats off to the seniors at the Cumberland High School on your great prank. Congratulations on one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland has ever witnessed.” The police officers when reached there were very amazed to see a prank set up by the seniors like this.

School Principal

Narges, who is currently serving school as a principal, stated this as the craziest senior prank he has ever seen during his service. He also said that, “The car crash will stay there until grads day, the crash happens to be outside my office. I have never seen any prank better than this one in 52 years of my life. This explains that pranks can be done in decent way as well.”

Cumberland High School batch of 2018, we wish you on graduating a well-executed prank but you guys are too clean by heart. These seniors created an example for everyone who thought that pranks can only be done by breaking things or doing unhealthy stuff.



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