Tesla Elon Musk is telling Tesla workers to break the rules


Elon Musk is the co-owner, CEO, and designer of Tesla. With the recent, introduction of the electric cars by Tesla, there was hope that soon all the vehicles on the roads will be the one developed by Tesla. However, the results did not turn out as expected. You will be surprised to know that Tesla has only been able to sell a few cars in the previous year and it is very shocking for the company. They are having regular meetings with the employee but the results are not improving. To solve this issue Elon Musk sent a surprising email to all the employees in Tesla.

It seems like Elon Musk was tired of all these meetings that were of no use. This is the reason that he has sent a surprising email to all the employees of Tesla. In the email he asked the employees to leave the meetings, break the rules and call out when they think that things are not working out fine. Most of the employees said that it is not just an email, it is a message.

Most of the people say that Elon Musk is a genius and others think that he is a certified crazy. However, if you will pay attention to the email that he is sent you can understand the following meanings.

On a serious note, Elon Musk is getting serious. He wants the employees to seriously work on the projects. Elon Musk has noticed that most of the time there is only planning and no one is taking action. Most of the time company employees are having meetings and they are discussing future plans. They are not working on the plans when they will not work how the company will succeed. So he wants the employees to know that it is the time they start taking actions before it is too late.

Elon Musk is very serious when it comes to work and technology. This is the reason that he cannot tolerate the fact that employees are wasting their time. We can say that this email might sound funny and surprising but in reality, it is a threat to employees to that they will start working.


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