Syrian government reaction against the US pullout of Iran deal


A series of events of criticism happened when the US President pulled out of Iran deal. Syrian government also condemned the decision by the Donald Trump. US singled out of Iran deal by calling the agreement ‘a horrible, one-sided deal’. The deal has lifted most nuclear sanctions on Iran, and in return, Iran had agreed to restrict its nuclear program allowing harsh inspections.

Importance of JCPOA deal to Iran:

The agreement was named as Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) and was signed by Iran and six other countries including the USA in 2015. The deal was important to Iran because it waived off the previous ban on Iran nuclear program. Iran switched off two thirds of its centrifuges and filled the Plutonium reactor with concrete. Moreover, it shipped out 98% of its Uranium after signing the deal in 2015. Extensive monitoring was done by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which also verified that Tehran has abided by the agreement. Therefore, Iran was again connected to the global markets, by lifting all nuclear related sanctions in 2016.

Reaction all around the world regarding the decision of Donald Trump:

Almost all countries, including the five who signed the deal are condemning the decision made by Trump. Except the US, the rest five countries want to keep the deal active. The leaders of France, Britain and Germany are commending US to abstain from taking further action that will prohibit the other members to continue with the deal.

The UN Secretary General also showed deep concerns about the verdict made by the US. While Russia’s deputy ambassador has exhibited disappointment in the decision. Moreover, Australia and Japan have joined hands against the US in support of the Iran nuclear deal.

However, Saudi Arabia has welcomed the withdrawal of the deal by the US President. It is to be noted here that Saudi Arabia and Iran are rivals and have encountered many proxy wars in the region. Saudi Arabia said that it supported the deal in 2015 but had great reservation to it. Saudi Arabia is in favor to impose ban on Iran nuclear program.

Reaction of Syrian government:

Iran is a major ally of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. Therefore, the Syrian government is strongly criticizing the decision made by the President Trump. The Syrian ministry has said that the decision shows the lack of credibility to international standards and agreements. In addition, they said that Trump’s decision points out America’s naïve behavior and mistaken policies, which will become the output for serious tensions throughout the world.



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