Smart Metering Firm Calms Fear of Rollout


Smart Metering Firm Access Install LTD, which is part of the AI Group has today released a statement with regards to the smart metering rollout. With recent fears around the smart meter programmes ability to install enough smart meters in time, there has been a general consensus that the rollout may need to be pushed out from the 2020 deadline, originally set by the government.

Access Install is currently guaranteeing 10 smart meter installs per day for their suppliers, and with access to over 1,000 dual fuel accredited engineers across the UK, Access Install believes that their ability to access the property first time due to their slick appointment booking software, allows them to complete more dual fuel installs per day for their clients.

A statement from the company on the rollout is shown below;

” The smart rollout itself will always be difficult, you have many moving parts. However, like any large rollout there always has to be someone who offers what others in the market cannot. This is why Access Install are confident that by guaranteeing their clients 10 smart meter installs per day, they can know exactly where they are at with their rollout plans. The rollout will continue, it is gathering momentum, but it’s important that suppliers know which MOP/MAM/MAP on the market can offer them certainty. With other MOP/MAM/MAP’s tied up with the bigger suppliers, the emerging suppliers require certainty. We can give that, and this is why our internal systems and software is robust enough for us to get higher first time install percentages.”



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