Seeking help: How George Michael had flown to Vienna for treatment before he died


Tragic singer George Michael had sought help at a hospital in Vienna just weeks before he died, on Christmas Day. The megastar flew to the Austrian capital via private jet so he could talk to medics at AKH General Hospital, where he was treated when he was suffering from pneumonia six years ago.

It is understood that he was supported during his trip by his father and his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz, as he met with two renowned doctors. It is not known what the medical issue was that they were discussing.

However, after his death, at the age of just 53, Dr Christoph Zielinski, who is head of oncology and a respiratory specialist at the hospital, expressed his sorrow, adding: “His caring team from the Vienna AKH express deep sympathy with family and friends.” Dr Zielinski is understood to have met George, along with his colleague Dr Thomas Staudinger, just weeks before he died.

Life saving

Medics at the hospital, which is one of the largest in Europe, saved George’s life when he collapsed in agony just before a gig. He was unconscious and had to have a tracheotomy. It has also emerged that the singer spent £2m at the Kusnacht Pratice rehab clinic, near Zurich, before his death.

However, despite reports that George had turned into something of a recluse in the weeks and months leading up to his death, he actually had at least 10 visitors in the days before he died. Police are still investigating the circumstances of his passing and were looking at speculation that he did not want to see anyone because of weight issues, and that he had died from a drugs overdose.

So far, no official cause of death has been given in the case. While his publicist said he had died from heart failure, police have ordered toxicology reports, with the results due in the next few weeks.


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