Samsung and Apple fighting over what made iPhone revolutionary                        


The electronic revolution has given rise to many wonderful inventions and the whole world got benefited by such inventions. In the last decade or so, mobile phones have got revolutionized a lot. Cell phones were not used for any more purposes than calling and receiving, but today cell phones are little smart devices which offer a lot of different services to the users. Smart phones have really eased out many things and provide a lot of features at single place.

Hundreds of thousands of apps have been introduced to further enhance the features of your phone. Nowadays, phones are equipped with high definition cameras, brilliant speakers, wide screens, appealing graphical interfaces, torches etc. Smart phones have almost all those facilities which we require from a device in daily use. They can be used to figure out the location, as a watch, as a torch, as a camera, as a recorder and many more.

In recent times, two smart phone manufacturing tycoons have locked their horns to be at the top of the market. No doubt, iPhone has revolutionized the whole concept of a phone but its counter Korean competitor, Samsung has also solidified its place. There exists a long discussion between the users of both companies and this enhances the competition. Samsung provides a large variety and has introduced a lot more designs than its competitor but when it comes to quality and privacy; iPhone by Apple stands a step forward.

Both the tycoons not only compete in the market but have also got into court over a dispute. Apple has accused Samsung of infringing the patent design. Apple administration wants Samsung to pay over $1 billion in order to pay up the losses as Samsung has allegedly copied iPhone designed features in its own phones which has affected the profits of Apple badly.

The ongoing case will determine that how much dollars Samsung will be paying to the counter party. The whole lawsuit began in 2011, and went to the Supreme Court but was assigned to lower courts in 2016. It has been already found that five of the now-obsolete items by Samsung had infringed the patents of Apple, which means that Samsung will surely have to pay the damages. However, the finances have not been officially calculated yet.

Apple owners put design before any other thing and will not compromise over their patent-infringement. They have created their whole argument around the word ‘design’ as they think that design is the main thing. However, the lawyer of Samsung has tried his best to counter the allegations.

According to him, there are hundreds of thousands of things which make the phones smart and it is not only the design which distinguishes the devices. Samsung have already paid some finances to the iPhone board but the case is not over yet. Experts believe that the case can affect many other firms which are also in the race. The dispute may go down in the history as one of the fierce one between the two business tycoons.


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