Robin Thicke is accused of hitting his six year old son in custody battle


Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke has been accused by his ex wife of leaving his son terrified after spanking and punching the six year old. The allegations have come to light in court papers filed by his former partner Paula Patton as the two fight an increasingly bitter custody war.

The documents accuse Mr Thicke of having hit his son Julian. It is alleged that the little boy told his school teachers that his father had spanked him on a number of occasions and also punched him. The concerned school is then understood to have reported what the pupil said to the Los Angeles County Deptartment of Children and Family Services earlier this month.

Following the comments, Ms Patton decided to prevent Mr Thicke from having contact with his son, allegedly saying that he could not see him because Julian felt scared of his father. However, a judge has now refused Ms Patton’s plea to have the custody agreement between the former couple altered.

Emergency order

However, unhappy, the actress, 41, went on to file an emergency order asking that her former husband should only be allowed to see Julian during supervised day time visits. At the moment, he has the little boy overnight for three nights of the week because the couple share custody.

However, Mr Thicke has hit back at the accusations saying that he only rarely lightly spanked his son using a punishment technique which he and his former partner had previously agreed on. In the documents, he said that he spanked rarely, lightly and as a last resort, using an “open hand on the butt” as stipulated by law. He said that the couple had agreed to this while they were still married. Mr Thicke then went on to say that he felt Ms Patton was bitter at not being invited to her father in law’s funeral.





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