Psychologists Encourage Pubs for Improved Mental Health


According to recent studies conducted by scientists and psychologists, people who have a so called home group, or a regular pub they visit with their friends and other acquaintances tend to have far more content and increased happiness in their lives as it helps them to maintain a connection with members of their community.

The pubs displayed in movies and shows usually portray an atmosphere of disarray and rage within pubs as people tend to be displayed as ticking bombs ready to fight and explode on someone else at any given moment.

However, psychologists have assured us that is not the case, with renowned pubs such as the Queen Vic situated at EastEnders has known to improve social solidity among people.

Less Pub, Less Connection

Within the study it was also revealed that those who do not go to their local pubs had far less social networks that they were engaged in, and also trusted their neighbors far less as well. Robin Dunbar, the professor leading this research for Oxford university stated that regular visits to one’s local pub undoubtedly improves one’s mental health and allows them to feel and be more connected and overall content with their life.

Happiness From Pubbing

Although alcohol is not necessarily the main reason here for people feeling connected, it definitely still has its role in serving as a social lubricant for all pub goers.

Mr. Dunbar claims that social networks are the answer against all physical and mental illnesses, and added that the social atmosphere, being engaged and indulging with the rest, and of course having a few drinks come together overall to stimulating the endorphins in one’ brain in such a way that regular visits such as these allows one to feel a great sense of satisfaction and relief within their life.


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