Perfect response by a teenager who got fat-shamed by a woman


People, who consider others as inferiors or menials or comment on others body in a bad way, always need some mind tuning. To criticize someone for the things the person has no control over, cannot be justified. In the past, huge movements have been organized to create an environment of equality and justice.

An environment, where everyone supports each other to climb and no one gets deprived. The whole story of the movement run by M. Luther King, to stabilize the social position of black human beings, is there for everyone. Today, everyone in the States, in fact all over the world knows the basic human rights and is encouraged to fight for them. A critical or humorous comment on anyone on the basis of race, color, body shape etc. is not appreciated today.

 Today, racism is taking its last breaths; however, the curse which is getting stronger is ‘body shaming’. Body shaming is different from racism and it is explained as a practice of humiliating or making sarcastic comments over anyone’s body weight or body size. Body shaming is, no doubt an immoral practice, getting more common day by day. People have to understand that their small comments can make others very uncomfortable and self-conscious.

A similar incident happened with Vega Blossom, a 19 years old student, when she was body shamed by a person of same sex. Vega Blossom has explained the whole incident and it surely is an interesting story of how did she react to the whole happening. Actually, Vega went to a bakery, in Indiana, to buy 6 cupcakes. While she was standing in the queue, waiting to place the order, she overheard something from behind. It was a sarcastic comment by the lady standing behind, which made Vega furious.

The lady was heard saying, “Let’s hope this bi**h doesn’t buy all the cupcakes”. For a moment, she thought of replying her with harsh words but instantly got a better idea. She didn’t reply the lady, instead bought all the cupcakes available in the bakery. It cost her $54 but her act would surely have made that lady, regret her comment. The staff of bakery, after getting acknowledged of the whole scenario, rewarded Vega Blossom with some extra cookies. After she went home, Vega shared the whole story on Facebook and got around 74,000 reactions on the post while it got shared about 25,000 times.

Vega surely has won hearts of many people who believe in smart play rather than harsh play. Vega got her objective without any exchange of words.

The interesting step taken by Vega, teaches us that we must not lose our cool in any situation. There, always, is a way to get the things done smartly, instead of harshly. Her buying all cupcakes, make us determine how nasty does it feel when anyone gets body shamed. We should try to respect and give space to everyone so that the person can enjoy the life to its fullest and in a way, he/she wants. There is no doubt that our tiny, hilarious and sarcastic, comments can disturb others and they may have a bad day due to our loud mouthed behavior.


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