Mohammed Salah the PFA player of 2017-2018


Mohammed Salah has been just rewarded with footballer of the year award by PFA for 2017-2018. He deserved this all the way round. He had an excellent run in these last two years. He is the one who has made a huge difference in the performance of the English Football club Liverpool.

He took Liverpool to the semifinals of the biggest competition of the football clubs that is called UCL. Liverpool qualified for the semifinals leg of the UCL after 2004. He has been a force for Liverpool in the attack.

Muhammad Salah belongs to Egypt. He started his career for a local football club of Egypt in the Egyptian Football league in 2010. He then moved to another club named as Basel. He helped them won the championship. He was crowned with SAFP player of the season award. English football clubs started following him and his performances.

It was Chelsea who hired him for $11 million for the season of 2014. He later went to Liverpool and within few years he became an integral part of the Liverpool football club and their excellent performances started to pour in.

We all know that football world cup is the biggest event which people see around the globe. All the football playing countries look forward to qualify for it by playing the qualifying round scheduled by FIFA. He was excellent in that qualifying round and took Egypt to the world cup 2018 which is going to held in Russia in few months from now.

Egypt means so much for him and Salah means world to Egypt. He has united the Egyptian people and gave them a lot of moments to cherish about.

In a recent incident when there were elections taking place in Egypt for the selection of new president, people did a remarkable thing. They just denied the both candidates who were fighting for the positon. People ticked the boxes with a cross for the both candidates and wrote the name of Salah under the voting tickets. This was an amazing gesture which showed the love and affection people have for Salah.

Salah is very down to earth person. He shows no emotions of being proud or anything else on the field and off the field. He is a very kind hearted person and he is always smiling no matter what the situation is. He has gained a lot of popularity but yet he thinks that he has done nothing. He don’t have any tattoo on his body like all the other famous players.

Salah is no doubt an exceptional player with unique football skills. He has excellent fitness standards and he has all what it take to be the next big thing in the world of soccer.

His next big challenge is to be consistent to get his name equal to the like of Messi, Ronaldo and some other greats of game.


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