Michael Cohen accusing Stormy Daniel’s lawyer for circulating fake information


It is not always pleasant to be famous and having a large follower ship. The more people know you, the difficult it becomes to hide from the society after any allegation or accusation by the opposition. A number of celebrities lost their glamorous lifestyles after they failed to contradict the accusations made by others. Even a small mistake can lead to a dreadful response from the followers and admirers. The moment a celebrity misbehaves with any press member, it becomes the headlines and is spread all over the social media. People start expecting explanations from the celebrity or famous individual.

The situation is even more critical in the case of politics or government related fields. An unlawful use of power may end the careers of many businessmen and politicians. Politicians have many responsibilities and the public expects them to be the ones who should lead by creating examples.

When a person uses his/her stake to grab unfair favors and benefits, he cheats with his/her nation and country. No matter how small a corruption is, it still is immoral and plays the part to destabilize the country. Paparazzi culture has exposed many of the politicians, stake holders and celebrities while misusing their powers and influence.

Accusations made by Stormy Daniel’s lawyer: 

  To be with stake holders doesn’t always ensure that you will not face the music of your actions. Even being with the President Donald Trump is not the insurance to avoid any accusation. The lawyer of Michael Cohen, long term attorney of Donald Trump, has accused the lawyer of porn star, Stormy Daniel, of spreading false information about him. According to the representatives of Michael Cohen, the news being spread by Mr. Avenatti, the lawyer of Stormy Daniel, are mostly false.

Lawyer of Cohen says that the opposition has provided the invoices and documents of another person named ‘Michael Cohen’ who is not the personal attorney of Donald Trump. He further adds that although most of the information is not true but Mr. Avenatti has disclosed some accurate personal information publicly, which is neither legal nor moral. Michael Cohen knows that Mr. Avenatti has got no rights to publicize the information related to anyone and has accused him of fake information spreading, which also contains some accurate information been publicized, after much careful considerations.

On the other hand, Mr. Avenatti feels that the representatives of Michael Cohen have failed to provide any solid contradictions. Mr. Avenatti had accused Cohen with many powerful allegations including accepting the funds from Russian ties. He has alleged Cohen of taking favors from many companies and industries after the elections of 2016, meaning that he influenced the elections.

The companies named by Mr. Avenatti include are Novartis, AT&T and a company associated to Victor Vekselberg, a Russian having connections with Kremlin. Mr. Avenatti has also accused Cohen of getting half a million dollars from a Russian oligarch through a company named as Columbus Nova in 2017. The lawyer of Stormy Daniel is standing still with all his accusations and is not keen to step back. We have to wait to let the cat out of the box as a detailed explanation from Cohen’s administration is expected to clear the things. Till then, wall we can do is just waiting.



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