London Underground Drivers Call Off Planned 24-Hour Strike


A 24-hour strike was due to happen on two London Underground lines (Piccadilly and Hammersmith & City) starting Tuesday evening.

The drivers were going to walk out over “a breakdown in industrial relations”, regarding working conditions and safety of the drivers.

However, after having reached an understanding on the matters at hand, the strike was called off, relieving the public of unwanted disruptions.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) general secretary Mick Cash said: “The dispute on the Hammersmith & City line is about the basic issues of protecting working conditions of our members and defending agreements from attempts to drive a coach and horses through them.”

LU had previously called the planned strikes “premature”, as there were talks scheduled for Friday about how to come to an agreement. “The announcement of strike dates is premature given that we have pre-arranged talks planned at (arbitration service) ACAS tomorrow to discuss the RMT’s concerns on the Piccadilly line, and on the Hammersmith & City line we are waiting for the RMT’s response to our proposals to end that dispute.”

Today, the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers union (RMT) said the strike had been called off after negotiations took place with “significant progress”.

The strike was a major worry to the public, since it would have created major disruptions on both lines. There had already been some disruptions on the Piccadilly Line during the past week due to wet leaves on the track that had damaged train wheels.

However, the union said “all objectives” were met on the Piccadilly line, and there will be further settlement talks for a “long-term agreement on the Hammersmith & City line,” regarding the worker’s concerns.

London Major Sadiq Khan said: “Negotiations can now continue without unnecessary disruption for commuters. Nobody wins from strikes on the Underground. Commuters, businesses, Transport for London (TfL) staff and Londoners all suffer. It’s a lose-lose situation.”


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