Liverpool crushed Roma 5-2 in UCL


Liverpool vs Roma, a match which was much awaited In the UEFA Champions League 2018. Its first leg held at Anfield stadium.This match had its own charm and importance as it was between two teams who have stunned all to reach this place.

Liverpool was considered favorites to win this match but there was a danger of Roma doing what they have done with the Football club Barcelona in quarter finals.

The first started with the home crowd chanting for home team and the team responded with an excellent start. Liverpool was ahead from the start of the match. Roma was found wanting as Liverpool attacked too much in the starting minutes.

The pace of the match was slowed down by Roma as they also did one or two attacks with no results in between. After first 30 minutes things were looking evenly poised and then the man Mohammed Salah showed why he is called King of Egypt.

He made a great run from the right side of the Roma goal. His pace was enough to beat the defenders as he flicked the ball to the top left corner of the net to give Liverpool 1-0 lead in the 34th minute of the first half.

After the first goal, it was Salah who just made the pitch his own. He made great penetrations and some great runs. In the 44th minute he put the ball in the back of the net for the second time to give 2-0 lead to Liverpool. The crowd went crazy with the chants of “Salah…Salah…Salah”.

First half belonged to Salah and Liverpool. Roma had some good moments but they were fond chasing the game for the majority of time.

The second half was not different from the first one. It was just that the role of Salah changed. He moved from scoring goals to giving assists. He was unstoppable as he gave two assists. Sadio Mane scored in the 55th minute of the match.

Roberto Frimino scored the second goal from the assist of Salah again in the 60th minute to give a lead of 4-0 to Liverpool. Things were done and dusted for the Roma and their fans at that moment as Robero Frimino scored another with an excellent header in the 6th minute to give the lead of 5-0 to Liverpool.


Roma did what they in the first leg of quarter finals against Barcelona, scoring late away goal in the ending minutes of the match. This time they scored two away goals against Liverpool. It gave them huge advantage of 2 goals, which meant they still have a chance to beat Liverpool in the second leg and go through to the finals.

One goal was scored in the 80th minute by Dzeko and the second was a penalty goal from Perotti in the 84th minute of the match.

So, Liverpool was happy but they still have to focus on the second leg to go through.



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