Liverpool and Roma all you need to know


Liverpool and Roma has a lot to look out for in the upcoming semifinals of Champions League 2018. These two teams had a great run so far this year to be here in the biggest football club tournament. A lot of history has been made by these two teams in last few months.  Many interesting facts are there to discuss about these two teams.  Let’s find out more about Liverpool and Roma below,

Liverpool an English club coming from EPL which had worst time in the champions league snice 2004. They never qualified for the champions League and boy they came back this year and here they are in semifinal.

They have some great players performing to their 100 percent potential this year. The biggest name is Muhammad Salah from Egypt. He has been a revolution for them.

Liverpool had a great quarter final match against Manchester City football club who is likely to win the EPL this year. They were certainly favorites in this quarter final encounter but Liverpool while holding their nerves won the first leg with 3-0 and then came back to win the second leg 2-1 and defeated Manchester city with an overall aggregate of 5-1.

Muhammad salah the star performer scored two goals in overall two legs of the quarter final to help them get a huge lead.

Roma is an Italian football club. They also are not winning the Italian club season but they have turned up the heat in the champions league 2018. They have come a long way. Nobody could have ever imagined that Roma will play the semifinal of the champions League.

They have some great athletic players also. They met one of the biggest football clubs in the history of football FC Barcelona.  Roma was never given a single hope or chance to achieve what not many teams are able to do so.

Barcelona who have just won Copa Delray and they are easily winning the 2018 La liga championship also were stunned and left to tears by Roma. Roma lost to 4-1 from Barcelona at Camp Nou which is the home ground for Barcelona. They had one away goal. Barcelona shockingly lost to Roma in their home ground 3 zero which had final aggregate of 4-4 but Roma qualified for the semifinal on the basis of away goal.

This semifinal is going to be really interesting to watch. Both teams have momentum behind them and they have ability to beat the hell out of any team on the given day.

If you look at it very closely and need to pick one team it will be Liverpool. Both Liverpool and Roma have chances but Roma is not the favorite team to win this. Liverpool have three main strikers who are in top run and they are scoring goals which can be tough for Roma.


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