Jeff Bezos, How the Amazon CEO spends his money


Jeff Bezos is the entrepreneur, technologists, CEO of Amazon. He is one of the richest men alive who has even surpassed Bill Gates with the worth of $138.1 billion. He has been working on different projects and it seems like Jeff Bezos is not going to let anything come between him and his income. Most of the people want to know that how the richest man has been spending his money. Here are some of the interesting ways Jeff spends his money.

Jeff is a fan of traveling but it seems like he does not like the services of the hotels and resorts. This is the reason that he has been investing in homes in different locations. He is the owner of several mansions in the United States. One of his most famous mansions is near the house of Bill Gates. You might feel like he is only buying a house but if you will think strategically you will notice that he is investing in real estate. It means that Jeff is increasing his worth by investing in homes because he can sell them anytime for a positive cash flow.

Most of the rich personalities like to spend their money on different charities. However, Jeff does not seem like he is not interested in spending money on the charity.

One of the most important things that spend on is his own security and that of his family. He not only pay the entire security team but also like to have security products around him like the bullet proof jacket and vehicle that will protect him and his family in case something bad happens. It seems like rich people often get threats from those that are jealous of them and that is why they prefer to keep their security high and cannot afford going out without a complete protocol.

Just like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos is also interested in taking over space and that is why he is investing in his project Blue Origin. Every year he spends a huge amount of money on the project to assure that he will manage to make his own community on the moon of Mars.

There are chances that if he keeps spending money at such a rate there are chances that soon we will see a community developing in the space where people would love to live. There are many other projects on which Jeff Bezos is working to assure that he can increase his worth.



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