iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy S9: Which is a better option?


Just when Apple thought that there is no other phone that can beat the iPhone X, its popularity, and demands, Samsung launches its most amazing cell phone of all times i.e. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. The debate is quite contradictory if either of the disputants uses and takes the side of the phone that they’re using. However, if considered the real facts and figures, it can be decided which one is the best and why. For this purpose, all the new and advanced features of both iPhone X and S9 must be compared to attain a result that is unbiased and truly based on the facts.

However, the fact can also not be denied that both the phones have their own class and choosing one from both is just a personal preference at the end of the day. This does not mean that there is no need to compare because some people who have been neutral users of the mobile phones are still in a fix that which one to buy to gain more benefits in terms of price, design, camera, and other features.

The design is naturally the first thing that is noticed while buying a cell phone. While Apple sticks to its old conventional design for the iPhone X, Samsung beats it here by managing to offer a different design than before that is more sleek and smart. The ultra slim S9 and the glass screen catches the eyes with its attractive design while iPhone X remains the same with a just a bit of alteration here and there, specifically the size of the screen.

The camera of any cell phone holds the foremost value in selecting for buying because mostly the purpose of changing the cell phone is acquiring the best camera results that the previous one fails to do.

The screen locking of both iPhone X and S9 have been the talk of the town ever since its release. The iPhone X does not have the touch fingerprint sensor that the S9 has. Although the feature is not a new one but depends on the personal choice whether the user is comfortable with touch sensor or the face sensor that iPhone X has. Both the options have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages which can be selected depending on the personal choices.

The screen size if the S9 and iPhone X is same i.e. 5.8-inch. However, Samsung has a better resolution and pixel density than iPhone X.

After going through the comparison, it can be very evidently concluded that Samsung S9 is a better option than the iPhone X. However, this comparison review is based on facts and figures which can be chosen according to personal preferences also.


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