He was murdered: Paris Jackson’s new claims about her father


Paris Jackson claims her musical megastar father Michael Jackson was murdered in a new interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. The 18 year old, who has just launched a modelling career, says that she believes his death was a “set up”.

The teenager also revealed that she was raped when she was just 14, and that she tried to kill herself on a number of occasions afterwards. Paris, who was pictured in Paris a few days ago shooting a fashion campaign for Chanel, said her father would tell her that people were out to get him, and that they would kill him one day.

She added that while she knew it sounded like some sort of conspiracy theory, that Michael’s real fans and his family knew it was a “setup”. Paris was only 11 when she lost her father. He suffered a cardiac arrest, said to have been brought on as a result of him having taken a cocktail of prescription drugs.


The Thriller star’s personal doctor Dr Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter following Michael’s death, and was sent to jail for four years. Paris said that she does believe Murray is at fault, but that she also thinks something much more sinister took place, and she wants justice for her father.

Paris, who is understood to be currently considering a number of acting offers, also revealed that she was the victim of a rape when she was 14, when she was attacked by a much older, complete stranger. She says she then tried to kill herself on a number of occasions, but hid her injuries from her family. She described feeling self-hatred and low self-esteem following the attack.

She was prescribed medication for depression like her father, but has stopped taking the drugs now. Instead, she said it was taking part in therapy in Utah which totally transformed her way of thinking.


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