Hawaii power plant might get damaged with lava


 Nature can be cruel and non-forgiving at times. It has shown that no counter preparations from man can be handy when nature decides to be dreadful. Horrible scenes can be seen when nature intends to destroy.

Today man is powerful than ever and we have a lot better solution to everything, yet it cannot be said that we have learnt to tackle nature. Though we have tried to minimize the losses and counter the natural disasters as much as possible, but nature at worst cannot be limited at any cost or expense.

We have seen in the past how natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and others have destroyed the whole cities and despite of the counter efforts, nature finished the task.

The threat to Hawaii power plant:

          Hawaii power plant is a geothermal power plant. A geothermal power plant produces power with the help of geothermal energy. These plants have shown their significance as many countries do produce a fair share of their energy needs, in geothermal power plants. Geothermal power plants use the energy stored within the globe to generate electric power. The liquid is injected to the depth where temperature is high. Then the material, which is now gas or steam, is used to carry out the power generating processes. Such a power plant uses different types of gases and materials.

There is a large geothermal power plant in Hawaii which is currently under a threat to be affected by the lava being ejaculated by the nearby mountains. The authorities have issued warning and have asked to perform security measures as it can be really hazardous and terrible if the lava hits the power plant. There are a lot of reactant gases used and stored in the plant which can multiple the dangerous effects of lava which is expected to affect the plant.

According to reports, it is the Kilauea Mountain from which the lava is being ejaculated and is threatening the nearby power plant. The report says that the lava encroached in the site of plant on Monday but since then it has not penetrated any further, however the danger is not cleared yet. If lava approached the un-plugged wells, it will produce lethal hydrogen sulphide gas on large scale.

A member of Hawaiian Emergency Management, Tom Travis, told CBS news that the route of the lava cannot be predicted yet and it will be too soon to say that lava will follow a certain way. 60,000 gallons of highly flammable gas have been transported to safer locations by the workers as a precaution.

The lava was reported 274 meters away from the closest well in the site of the plant. The plant has very deep wells used to drain the liquid as some wells are deeper than a mile. Authorities have already warned the officials to stay aware of the danger as lava may be getting the attention of many people if it gets furious.

The lava hasn’t yet done any noticeable loss but it will be too positivity to say that the danger has been gone. Let’s hope that the power plant stays safe and lava doesn’t make it to the wells.


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