Google city under construction from internet up


On the venue of Eastern waterfront of Toronto, Sidewalk labs are building a new and wonderful project that is being known as a new digital city.  Google’s parent alphabet is owning that company. Producers and owners of this projects are hopping of being this project as a model project of present century. But deal is facing controversy actually. The vision of makers is to have a lively city that can work for everyone there. After the project have done people would love to ride cycles and automatic taxis with no driver to have in their surroundings. They would definitely love to see about what their sidewalks will achieve after the completion of this project.

Former deputy mayor of New York and present head of maker’s company Mr. Dan Dactoroff said in an interview that it is just about to give the world and make a healthier, a full on convenient and a more enjoyable life. He also told that we want to make it the best model of urban life of the current century.

According to reports coming about this great grand news the place has been covered by a number of sensors to collect exact and live information about the place of project. Data will be collected by the noise of surroundings, traffic that is being used at that place and from the quality of Air. They will also have a check on the electric grid’s performance and the process of waste collection. Why this data is being collected and where it is going to be used? Someone told this to the head of this company. He replied that, well these are the most major issues of Toronto so we are getting this type of data to work on these problems.

According to members of sidewalk tech labs these sensors ate not been arranged to collect the data of the people around or monitor the workings of citizens. These are just being done to help the government in being more flexible on the mentioned issues. Mr. Wong also specify that the firm is never going to open its own information. Firms data will not be exposed. Sidewalk in very start of project talks about the openness of data to the public. But they have declared that they are not going to expose any of agreement they have done with Waterfront Toronto. It is being said that in starting the area for project was of 12 acres but now it may become vast and covers a huge amount of area (expected amount of site is 325 acres, which is definitely going to cover a large area of site). Even, what we are talking about is not still confirmed it is just a basic level of expectations.

Well no one knows about the fact that this is really a project of technology or just a play.

Its work is under consideration but still there is no time limit to finish this is given to the world.


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