CV scrutiny faced by Italian PM Candidate


Although lying or exaggerating can never be appreciated in any situation, but a person who is celebrated among public is always expected to be transparent and truthful. Public figures, no matter political or any other, face a lot of music if they are found cheating or lying. People don’t forgive the one who they have given representation to.

A single bad decision may end the careers of celebrities, political leaders, businessmen etc. Today, people cannot be fooled with fabricated facts and false claims. Social media has made it possible for people to spread any negative or positive news about anyone in just seconds. A lying or corrupt political can be criticized by the public and can lose everything within minutes, if public finds any evidences.

During the election campaigns, political leaders exaggerate the things and try to degrade the others as much as possible. To attract the public, several promises are made which after the elections, never get fulfilled. Such a drama happened recently in Italy, but it was not very normal for everyone.

         CV-curriculum vitae is supposed to contain your achievements and the things which you think will impress the people.  People usually don’t exaggerate the things in their curriculum vitae. The whole scandal erupted when a candidate for Prime Ministry of Italy, 53 years old Giuseppe Conte, was accused of embellishing his CV and of exaggerating his achievements in the resume.

All the candidates submitted their achievement charts to the authorities. Although, Italian people do put each and every small thing in their resumes to make it attracting but people didn’t like it when the candidate nominated for PM elections, Conte, fabricated his achievements and tried to stand away from the rest.

In his CV, Giuseppe claimed that he has perfected his studies in the New York University. However, a spokeswoman from the educational institution says that the university record doesn’t match with the claim made by Giuseppe. She explains that there is no record of him as a student or any faculty member in the university record book.

While explaining the things to BBC news, she said, “While Mr. Conte had no official status at NYU, he was granted permission to conduct research in the NYU Law library between 2008 and 2014, and he invited an NYU Law professor to serve on the board of an Italian law journal.”

The political platform behind Giuseppe emphasizes that nowhere has he written that he was admitted there as a faculty member or student but he has written that he updated his knowledge there. According to Conte’s representatives, CVs do contain every piece of information and Conte hasn’t tried to mislead anyone. Public shouldn’t consider his NYU statement as a try to manipulate the facts. He has also claimed to carry out a scientific research at Cambridge University’s Girton College in 2011.

A spokeswomen has denied to confirm anything about it as per university’s data protection laws. The questions mark on Conte’s academic achievements is not the only controversy that has erupted since his nomination. Conte is a teacher in Rome and hasn’t any significant political background but has radical ideas how Italy can be run. The elections of Prime Ministry of Italy are near and the time will decide who gets the chance to serve Italy.


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