Cristiano Ronaldo All time Goals and some interesting facts


Cristiano Ronaldo, a name which will last forever in the history of world Football. He is known as the best footballer we have ever witnessed on in the football arena. His achievements and stats show why he is called the best in the business when it comes to soccer.

Ronaldo had some tough early days when nobody knew him. He suffered from racing heart at a very little age of 15. He had to go through surgery which he did successfully. He started his senior football career with Sporting CP club.

He was a thin guy with long hair, who was looking fast and showing some great skills in the start of his career. He signed with Manchester united football club at the age of 18 in year 2003.

He helped Manchester united to win three big titles such as English premier league, FIFA club world cup and UEFA champions League. His first major title with Manchester United was FA cup.


In 2009, Ronaldo moved to Spanish Football club Real Madrid, which is also considered as one of the best football clubs in the history of football. This transfer of Ronaldo was the highest transfer in the history as it was made for an 84$ million. Whoa! This is one huge amount but player of Ronaldo caliber who did wonders for Manchester united richly deserved this to his name.

Ronaldo always played as a striker as he has a great ability to score goals from any positon. Sporting was the first senior club with which Ronaldo played. He player 31 matches with Sporting and scored 5 goals as it was only the early days for him.

This was the football club where Cristiano Ronaldo started his journey. He played 292 games with Manchester United and scored 118 goals. There were some amazing goals in these numbers. His speed, skills and ability to convert chances against some top defenders and goa keepers was amazing.

Ronaldo helped Portugal International team in a great way also. He helped them won many matches and recently took them single handedly to the FIFA world cup 2018 which is going to be held in Russia.

He player 138 matches with Portugal and scored 71 goals. It is really a very good record as he never had help from some good players but Portugal team has improved a lot as they have won titles in the last couple of years.

Real Madrid is the football club which belongs to Ronaldo. Ronaldo has best stats with Real Madrid as he scored whooping 406 goals in only 394 appearances.  He is still young and ever strong. He is improving his fitness day by day and he seems to be unstoppable. He recently scored a bicycle kick goal in UCL against Juventus in their home ground.

He was the first man to reach UCL 100 goals mark also.

So, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored total number of 600+ goals in 850+ appearances so far.




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