Can ‘Holiday Stress’ Cause You Heart Attack?


Christmas has been a traditional holiday for million of people around the globe. The festive season brings families and loved ones closer together, if only for a single day. The love of family, music, gift giving and succulent Christmas meals will no doubt warm everyone’s heart. But this can also be heartbreaking for some family.

According to the American Heart Association, a recently concluded study shows that medical facilities usually experience a hike in coronary-related cases between the last week of December and the first week of January.

Yvonne Thomas, a medical expert stated that cardiologist referred to this period as the “Christmas Coronary.”

Many travelers had said that with all the preparation they have to do for Christmas; it can turn out to be a very bumpy ride.

Grace Spells who was on her way to visit family stated that everything is a rush when it comes to the Christmas season. She also said you are busy walking around and checking that everything is done because you don’t want to leave anything out, especially the things you will need while away for the holidays.

Cardiologist Gary Daniel stated that people should be more concerned about heart attacks during the festive season. Dr. Daniel disclosed that patients will come in with chest pains, but after medical evaluations, it turns out they are having a heart attack.

Some factors that cause coronary problems during the holidays are drinking excessive alcohol, over-eating and forgetting to take medications appropriately. The cold weather, he said can also make your heart works harder since the blood vessels are restricted by the cold temperatures.

Other studies have also shown that there is a 30 percent increase in heart attacks during the Christmas and New Year’s period.

Doctors have warned that everyone should practice good judgment and be very careful even during the festive season – because it’s best to spend the holidays with your loved ones rather than spend it visiting your doctor or the hospital’s emergency room.


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