Brexit the Big Unknown, or is it?


Brexit, a topic in the UK that has been back and forth over the past 18 months. With the surprise Vote Out from the European Union back in 23rd June 2016, the UK has been in limbo deciding what a Vote Out Brexit deal looks like.

With lots of doom and gloom in the press, and with stock market prices based on security and stability. It is no wonder that banks and other financial institutions are issuing strong suggestions that a Brexit Deal that is not best suited to the UK could cause millions of people to become unemployed. However, as with anything as long as the UK can secure itself a strong Brexit deal, there is no reason why the employment in the UK couldn’t remain the same if not strengthen.

Bear in mind that the UK’s markets destabilised when we joined the European Union, the same will happen again but the UK is a strong market. Once the 4th largest Economy in the World, there is no reason this cannot happen again.

It isn’t the unknown people are making it out to be and there are strong indications from various financial statistic agencies that actually say a Vote out of the EU, coupled with a strong Brexit deal negotiated by Theresa May will see the United Kingdom stronger than ever.

It is now over to Theresa May to ensure that the deals that are signed, do not seal the fate of the youth today. Securing anything less than a strong deal will ultimately destroy any chances of growth in the UK. A strong deal however would see the relationship’s built up during our time in the EU, become even stronger.

It’s over to the professional politicians that this country have voted in, to ensure that we receive the best possible deal when exiting the European Union.



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