Backstreet boys rocked the stage in Spice girl’s costume


Who doesn’t love “spice girls” and their smashing hit number “wannabe”. Spice Girls has been giving us so much to celebrate the girl power through their lively music for the last 21 years. Their spiced up lyrics are just word perfect. We have been enjoying their pumped up performances with unique styles. They always set a benchmark by performing with their trademark spiced up flamboyant dresses.

Ginger Geri created quite a buzz when she performed in a trendy, iconic and hot union jack outfit, at Brit Awards in 1997. This performance and dress became so iconic, soon there were Ginger Geri union jack dress inspired dolls stacked up all over in the toy stores.

We can never get enough of Spice Girls’ girl power; same is with the famous Backstreet Boys. If you are someone who has spent their teen age in 90’s listening to the Backstreet Boys hit numbers, you will agree we can never stop loving their music. They have truly touched our hearts with their soulful performances and pumped up music. This famous teen band from the city of Mickey Mouse has always come up with something unusual to mesmerize our hearts.

Recently, the Spice Girls hit number “wannabe” completed its 21 years, and the Backstreet Boys took to stage by celebrating their girl power in the most unusual and fun filled way. This year, while, the Backstreet boys were touring to Caicos and Turks for their concerts and performance. They took to stage by dressing up in the iconic costumes of our favorite Spice girls and melted our hearts by creating nostalgia.

This first week of May, 2018 was a great blast for the fans of Backstreet Boys. From their cruise tour they went off homes with a great bang. The boys from this famous band picked up their looks inspired from Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C to rock the evening by paying tribute to hit numbers of all-time favorite “the spice girls”.

The charming Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys chose to take on the persona of Emma’s baby spic look. He dressed up in hot pink babydoll outfit and spiced it up with iconic blonde pigtail wig. While the audience, enjoyed seeing Kevin Richardson transformed into Black Jumpsuit personifying Victoria’s posh look. He stole the show by putting on a dark bob and black oversized glasses.

The most interesting Union jack dress look of Geri was donned by the adorable Howie Dorough. He topped it up with a perfect ginger wig to celebrate the spice of these iconic Spice Girls.

This magical and energetic unique performance left a long lasting impact over the audience as they rocked the night by performing to word perfect lyrics of hit numbers like “Spice up your life”, “wannabe” and “you’ll be there”.


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