Apple iOS 11.3 has some new surprise for iPhone users


Every time Apple launches or introduces a new software update, there is a hassle among its users among whom the hot topic is how good or bad it is. Ranting on social media or appreciating it has become a norm and the buyer actually looks forward to these reviews to have a better understanding of the phone. Previously, the iPhone users had this option of switching to the previous software update if they don’t find the new impressive enough for its features. However, with the iOS 11.3, this feature has been disabled by Apple and this is what is bothering us the most.

Not sure what the idea is behind this approach, however, it does not impress the iPhone users. That said, the iOS 11.3 has been updated with other surprising features that are worth discussing to have a better idea. This is also why the internet is loaded with discussions and comparison between the previous and latest iOS update and you’ll find a lot of the articles and reviews regarding the same.

Below are mentioned some of the new surprises that Apple has arranged for its loyal iPhone users by the software update of iOS 11.3.

Before coming to the battery life, the iOS 11.3 update has some features related to battery efficiency which should be discussed.

The Animojis that Apple has exclusively introduced for its users has been improved and taken to next level in the iOS software update. These Animojis definitely save the time for selecting one of your choices as the phone automatically selects the one by reading your face and showing it in the form of lion, skull, bear, and dragon.

The business chat option in the iMessage has also been updated that facilitates the business people to form or a group or individually chat with the business community just like the social media applications. However, the only thing that is bothering the users is the inability to delete the chat or messages from the phone’s internal memory which means that it will occupy the memory within no time leaving the user with very less space for other applications and features.

The Bluetooth issues are back in the iOS 11.3 after the popular iOS 9 update. Once you update to the new software, the phone refuses to connect to the previously paired devices with no evidence of the same. Not sure if it’s a connectivity problem or memory regaining hack but the issue is yet to solved and answered by the official authorities.

Apple’s iOS 11.3 software update has been able in gaining public attention for both good and bad reasons. Therefore, before switching to the new update, consider these facts straight because once updated, you cannot possibly return to the previous one.



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